What Is a Sewing Machine Zipper Foot? Comprehensive guide

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computerized embroidery sewing machineSewing machines are some of the most important machines for humankind. Tailors across the world produce their amazing designs thanks to these powerful machines. If you are a tailor or aspiring to become one, you need to understand a sewing machine in and out. One of the most common questions asked by novice tailors, or just random people interested in sewing is, what is a sewing machine zipper foot. You are eligible to start if you do not know what is a sewing machine zipper foot and how it works. It is one of the most basic and essential parts of a sewing machine.

This is a guide that exhaustively explains the what a sewing machine zipper foot is, and the dynamics of how it works. The understanding of a zipper foot will ensure you can conveniently interact with it to ensure you have an easy time while sewing.

Sewing Machine Zipper Foot

A zipper foot is a sewing machine accessory that is used to hold the fabric in place while you are sewing on zippers. More specifically, it is used as a presser foot. The presser foot has indents on either side to ensure the needle can pass through on either side and reach the fabric. You can, therefore, sew a standard zipper without the zipper obstructing. Zipper feet come in different designs and shapes depending on the sewing machine, but they all work the same.

Zipper feet can move on either side of the sewing machine needle, so that you can sewing on the zipper, without applying pressure on the zipper’s teeth. This could easily destroy the zipper. The foot also keeps the needle away from going through the zipper’s teeth and destroying them.

Zipper feet are also used to sew trims that do not feet under the regular multi-purpose feet. For instance, you can use a zipper foot to sew on piping. You can conveniently sew close to the piping, without it getting stuck under the foot. Basically, the zipper foot allows you to sew close to trims without putting the presser foot on the trim.

So, what is the best zipper foot to use?

Best Zipper Foot

The best zipper foot is a matter of your preference, and the machine you are using. Many zipper feet come with a standard attachment system though. They can fit on virtually all sewing machines. The zipper foot you should get is the one you are comfortable working with. They come in different sizes, choose one that allows you ample space and freedom to work conveniently.

Common Mistakes with Zipper Foot

The use of a zipper foot requires experience and care. You need to loosen a screw to allow the zipper to right and left. Many people tend to forget to retighten this screw before they start sewing. Therefore, the zipper foot will keep vibrating as a result of the sewing power of the machine, and it most likely ends up directly under the needle. The needle with a crash onto the foot and get damaged. Always replace a needle that has crashed on the foot.


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