What are Embroidery Sewing Machines: Comprehensive guide

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best chain stitch sewing machine reviewsSewing machines are of different types depending on the functions they perform. Of course, there are all round sewing machines, but they do not perform the specific functions as well as the specialized ones. Any professional sewing environment needs to have specialized sewing machines. One of the most renowned types of sewing machines is the embroidery sewing machine. The embroidery sewing machine one of the most important machines is sewing all round designs. Embroidery machines are the ones that enable a clothing design to stand out. They are the platform where the tailor exercises all their creativity.

What Are the Embroidery Machines?

These are sewing machines whose sole purpose is decorating a clothing design. Whether it’s creating colored patterns, writing words, or putting pictures on a piece of cloth, they can do it all. Embroidery machines are normally used when you have finished sewing, and you want to decorate your design. Embroidery machines allow you to add other decorative pieces to your designs such as beads, pearls, quills, and sequins. Embroidery can be done by hand. So, why do you need an embroidery machine? Below are several reasons why any serious tailor would need an embroidery machine.

Why you need an embroidery machine

  • Embroidery machines will help you work faster and efficiently. You can duplicate antique hand designs with the machine in minutes, if not seconds. Embroidery designs such as redwork, cross-stitch, and Hardanger do not have to take forever to complete.
  • You are able to create your own theme on your fabrics. If you do not have an embroidery machine, you may have to work with whatever theme is on the fabric you have. Embroidery machines give you the freedom to create whatever them you need on your fabrics.
  • The embroidery machine can help you quilt perfectly through layers of fabric over an entire quilt if you are not an expert in free motion machine quilting.
  • Embroidery machines allow you to make your designs very unique. You can allow your sewing creativity to run wild if you have an embroidery machine at your disposal.

Before getting any embroidery machine, you need to ensure it can serve you optimally. So, are some of the things you should look out for before you purchase an embroidery machine?

Factors to consider when buying an embroidery machine

Look out for the following.

  • What is the largest design it can handle? The current standard of embroidery machine projects is 8’’ by 14’’. Some are smaller, some are bigger. Get one that can handle the size of your project.
  • You should consider the sizing options at your disposal both within the machine and the software.
  • How many embroidery stitches does the machine have? More embroidery stitches on the machine give you more freedom regarding the designs you can put down.

How experienced are you in dealing with an embroidery machine? They are embroidery machines that are specifically designed for beginners. If you are not experienced, you may not be able to take full advantage of a full range embroidery machine.