Sewing Straight Lines Tips and Tricks: Comprehensive guide

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best lockstitch sewing machine amazonSewing is an art and a talent. Many people who sew have either learned it themselves out of passion, and others have gone through school and got taught. Either way, sewing requires skill and experience if your designs are to stand out. Sewing along a straight line is one of the most challenging aspects of a beginner who is just getting introduced into sewing. You cannot call yourself a tailor if you cannot sew in straight lines. It is however not that big of a challenge. If you learn and practice, you will ace it with time.

This is a guide for a few tips and tricks you can employ to ensure you are able to sew along straight lines. Follow these guidelines and practice, and sewing along the straight line will not have to be challenging anymore.

  • Sit Straight

This is the most basic thing you need to practice when you start sewing. If you cannot sit in the right position, it will be very difficult for you to do a lot with your machine, let alone sew along straight lines. Many beginners tend to pull up to their machine and sit facing the machine at an angle. That is wrong.

First, ensure your machine is straight in relation to the table. Put the machine on the edge of the tabletop, on the side you will be sewing from. The straighten your chair with relation to the table. Sit up straight and comfortably (this will depend on you having the right sewing chair). Place the foot pedal on the ground where you can reach it without straightening your knee, and without changing your sitting position. The aim is to ensure you are facing the machine straight.

  • Seam Allowance

Fortunately, many modern sewing machines, if not all, have seam allowance marking. These markings are designed to help you feed the fabric straight into the sewing machine. All you to do is hold your fabric firmly along these lines, and let the feed dogs pull the fabric in.

  • Use Washi Tape

This is trick is for people who cannot see the seam allowance lines clearly. It is a personal improvisation. What you need is a marked washi tape, that you stick along a straight line. It then becomes your guide while you are feeding the fabric into the machine. It works similar to the seam allowance guidelines.

  • Do Not Watch the Needle

Many people think that they can judge the precision of their sewing by watching the needle, which is a grievous mistake. Your human eyes cannot judge the speed of the needle. You will only end up getting dizzy and making more mistakes altogether. Following the seam guidelines, or creating your own is your best bet. Watching the needle is always a recipe for disaster.

  • Synchronize the Machine’s Speed and Your Body

Since you are the one in control of the machine, ensure you synchronize the machine’s sewing tempo and your body. Do not let get out of control. Usually, people tend to lose coordination and let the sewing machine continue picking up speed and until it is out of control. Slow down the machine if it starts to feel like it’s moving too fast. Know your ideal speed and learn how to maintain it.