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At we love to be involved in social works that change and touch the lives of the less-privileged in society. From providing humanitarian aid to tragedy-stricken areas to educational drives in disadvantaged sections of the world, we love to take part. It is the same drive that has informed the launching of the Social Work Scholarship. We are looking for like-minded young people who have the same drive to help less-privileged factions of the society. We will be offering an annual college scholarship to a young college student who can demonstrate enough drive to get involved in social work.

We are excited about the prospects offered by the Social Work Scholarship. We shall be offering a $1500 annual scholarship to a college student who is involved in social work of whichever kind. The ideal winner will be required to demonstrate drive and zeal towards a certain cause of their engagement. We want a person who derives pleasure from being able to touch the lives of other, in whichever way they can, no matter how small.

The scholarship is meant to identify people with a natural drive to help others. It seeks to identify tomorrows leaders and empower them in their endeavors. There is a lot of suffering in the world. Little efforts from every corner can go a long way in making the much-needed difference though. As part of our efforts towards that cause, we seek to empower young and energetic persons with a drive to reduce suffering in the world.

How to Qualify

  • A continuing college student or a prospective freshman (to be enrolled (2018, 2019) in good academic standing)
  • Going to any 2 year or 4-year accredited college or university as a full-time student

What You Need to Apply

  • Your Contact information
  • Judging will be based on the quality of the submitted application, which will include a short, 1000 word or less essay on how being involved in social work can help you improve the quality of your life and character.

The eligible student should be a continuing student or one who is poised to join an accredited college. The college should be a 2 to 4-year accredited college. They shall be required to have a good academic standing too. The winner of the scholarship will have shown a tremendous drive to help and change lives. They shall demonstrate they can improve the quality of their life and character by providing aid to others.  The scholarship will be awarded to someone who has demonstrated good character and potential. They shall demonstrate leadership qualities too. The eligible person shall be someone who is willing to take the mantle for the sake of everyone when no is willing to.

The Social Work Scholarship will award $1500 to the winner. The funds will go towards, boarding, tuition, and other academic-related expenses.

Scholarship Information

  • Applications accepted from (28 Feb, 2019) for awards the coming year
  • Deadline Date: (15th March, 2019)
  • Selection Date: (15th April, 2019)
  • Announcement Date: As soon as the recipient is informed and eligibility is ascertained
  • Amount: $1500
  • Duration: One-Time Payment
  • Number of Recipients: 1 per year

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