Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

It is a basic requirement to have a website that is attractive and has plenty of information to offer new visitors. We have accomplished this by doing extensive research and analysis. We have a strict policy that protects your privacy on all the information we collect from you while interacting with our website.


We collect non-personal information when you use our website. Our servers are able to pick when a visitor uses our website and language used.  The information is used to evaluate the different mannerism displayed by different users as they interact with the website. The information collected over time is used to show the website’s performance. It is important for us to know at what time we have the most traffic.

Indirect personal information such as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses that can be easily collected and it helps us know our visitor’s location. We only disclose such information to authorized employees, contractors and partner organizations. It is easy to collect such information where a visitor intensively uses our website

More personal information may be required in a case where there are transactions involved. This type of information may only be disclosed to the parties named above. A visitor may only be interested in seeing what products and services we offer and in such a case they are not required to provide any personal information.

Information provided by a visitor clearly indicates the level of interaction he/she wishes to have with our website. Information collected is well analyzed and the data batches are presented as one aggregated statistic which will be shown in a non-personal manner.

Access to Visitor Information

Only the parties discussed above should be able to access a visitors’ information but they have to adhere to our set policy;

1) They should provide a statistical presentation of data immediately after analysis

2) That shall not disclose any information to a third party.

We can also disclose the information through a court order or to a government authority only. We may also disclose the information where we confirm it is important for our welfare, that of our partners and that of the public. We may contact you from time to time to let you know about new progress made. Where we find it necessary we publish communication made to our website. We do not allow access to or alteration of user information by any unauthorized parties, as it is our duty to safeguard all the information.


We store cookies on your browser which show us your most frequented pages on our website. They help us track our visitors’ interaction and we can be able to make changes in order to maximize visitors’ experiences. Cookies can be rejected but it may cause malfunction of some features on our website.

Company Transfer

Where a company is acquired by another company, the new company has the right to use visitors’ information. If you continue to use the website it means that you have agreed to the new policy, but no information will be disclosed to a third party.

Policy Changes

In case we make any new changes, it is our right to communicate to you the changes. This will only be effective for those visitors who we have their contact details.

Terms of Use

Visiting and engaging on our website is subject to some terms and conditions. The website is also subject to all the laws and regulations that govern our operations. Visiting and engaging on the website is taken as consent to these terms and conditions, as well as an agreement to be bound by the governing laws and regulations. If at any time you do not consent to the laws and regulations, you are not allowed to visit the website. All the content on the website is under the protection of the Copyright and Trademark Regulations.

Privacy Policy

Whenever you visit the website, our servers may collect non-personal, personal, identifying and non-identifying information about you. In a bid to ensure that your privacy is protected, we have a privacy policy in place. That policy is part of these terms and conditions. All the information obtained from you remains subject to the privacy policy at all times. When you consent to these terms of use, you consent to us using your information as per the privacy policy too.

Website’s Intellectual property

All the content present on the website remains our intellectual property. It cannot be used on any other platform without our consent. Any act of selling, renting, redistributing, reproducing, or republishing the content without our prior consent may attract a lawsuit and possible criminal charges.


Your visit and use of the website and our services shall remain within the boundaries allowed by the law. Your activities on the website shall not deny other parties the right to engage on and with the website. Content that is abusive, derogatory, offensive, harassing or inconveniencing is not allowed on the website. You cannot use the website for adverts or any other commercial-related activities without our prior permission.

Restricted Access

We have the right to allow or deny anyone access to the website. We have private areas on the website too. We also reserve the right to allow or deny admission to such areas too. You may have to submit personal and identifying information to get access to such areas. You must also subscribe to a non-disclosure policy if you are to be given access to such private areas.

Terms Changes

These terms of use might change at any given point. We reserve the right to make any changes we deem fit, so long as the terms and conditions remain legal. Notifications will be sent if any such changes are done. You continued visits and interactions on the website will constitute consent to the terms and conditions are they are. If any of the clauses in these terms becomes illegal through a court order or an act of legislation, it will be removed from the terms and conditions. All the remaining clauses will hold as they are.

Resources Use

The content published on all the pages of the website does not put us, our partners and our officers in any contractual or legal agreement with you. You use the content and resources at your own discretion. We, our officers and our partners shall not be liable for any risks, injuries, damages or losses suffered as a result, of using the resources on the website.

Updated January 2020