How to Monogram with Brother SE400 Sewing Machine?

Brother SE400 sewing machine

Brother SE400 sewing machineThe Brother SE400 is one of the most impressive sewing and embroidery machines on the market. Monogramming is the creation of motifs on pieces of cloth by combining various letters and characters. It is a great and effective way of using an embroidery machine to put down logos on a piece of cloth. The Brother SE400 has inbuilt letter designs that you can use.

Using the Inbuilt Designs

In order to use the inbuilt letter designs of the Brother SE400 embroidery machine, you have to stitch each letter individually. The size of these letters cannot be changed. You can only set them to small, medium, or large while they are being set. You must also be precise with your placement, to ensure you get the exact shape that you are looking for.

Brother SE400 sewing machine

For monograms that are less than 3.9 by 3.9 inches, it is quite easy to adjust the layout since you’ll just use the positioning keys on the placement-adjustment screen. You do not need to re-hoop, and the machine will also stitch a little stitch to ensure you are easily line up the letters. This is quite easy with the brother se400 combination computerized sewing.

Using Your Own Designs

Brother SE400 sewing machine

You do not have to settle for the inbuilt designs if you do not fancy them. You can import your own designs into the Brother SE400 machine and do a custom monogram. With the imported designs, you can stitch each letter individually as discussed above or split the design and re-hoop and stitch each section separately. This process requires experience since it is not easy to line up the sections and get the spacing correct. The brother se400 accessories will ensure you can carry out these tasks quite precisely.

Brother SE400 sewing machine

The best and easiest way is to bring together the letters using software. There is embroidery editing software that allows you to save a design as a PES file, and import it into the Brother SE400. Once fed, the machine will stitch it all at a go. This often produces an attractive and intricate design without putting you through too much hassle. The whole monogram must be less than 3.9 by 3.8 inches for this to be possible though. The brother se400 sewing and embroidery machine is such an impressive sewing machine.