Meet Our Team


Rose is a stay at home mother of two little girls. She loves to sew. She has been sewing for the last ten years and has had the privilege to interact with a wide range of sewing machines. He sewing designs always stand out and her customers are always impressed. She puts her best foot towards delivering some of the best sewing designs. Rose is a very active member of our writing team. She contributes her wealth of experience with the sewing machine. She helps with insight about the performance of various sewing machines. Rose knows every aspect of an effective sewing machine.

She loves to share her experiences too. Her pieces are always very engaging and eye opening. She delivers some of the most impressive reviews on the performances of various sewing machines. She helps out in trying out various sewing machines and matching them to the situations in which they perform best. She loves to share her experience and sewing information with like-minded enthusiast. She is such a resourceful person to the writing team. She has been contributing on the platform for three years now and her reviews have always been very informative. She delivers some of the best reviews you can find on the platform.


Justus works in a sewing industry. He is the sewing machine technician in the industry. He has 5 years’ experience on the job. He is such a resource to the team. Justus spends a lot of time with different sewing machine designed for different purposes. He knows all the technical aspects of a sewing machine. He is the go-to guy for best maintenance practices and repairs. He contributes to the team immensely. Justus writes very impressive reviews on various sewing machines. He is involved in testing out the sewing machines too. His reviews are always factual and put in a clear and concise manner.

Justus is the guy who helps us understand the various technical aspects of sewing machines. Justus goes out of his to ensure the reviews are easy to understand. He loves to share his knowledge, just like every other member of the team. He has been working with sewing machines for a long time. His wealth of knowledge is such a great resource for the team. He delivers some of the most insightful and resourceful reviews on the platform. Justus has been sharing on the platform for the last three years. He is such an active member of the team.

Updated January 2020