How to Thread a Sewing Machine? Complete Guide

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amazon overlock sewing machineMore people are purchasing sewing machines both for personal use and large scale manufacturing. User new to sewing machines find threading the machine a daunting procedure. New sewing machines come with a detailed manual on how to thread the machine. The more you master the threading process, it becomes habitual and simpler every time.

This article will show a detailed step by step process of threading the machine.

Step 1.

Depending on the make of your machine, place the cotton thread on the upper part of the machine known as the spool. The spool should either be lying down or look like a peg paced in an upright manner.


The thread is then pulled through a thread guide that is at the top of sewing machine.

Step 3.

There is a tension disc slightly below the thread guide. Pull the thread through the thread guide and loop it all around the tension discs.

Step 4.

Once a loop is made around the tension discs, pull the thread up again only this time t will be through the second thread guide. This steps creates a “U” shape using the thread. A take-up lever is created which has an eyelet.

Step 5.

From the second thread guide pull the thread down to where the needle is. The thread should follow hooks that will hold the thread in place.

Step 6.

When threading the needle, the thread should be passed from front to back part.

Step 7.

Since sewing achiness are different, loading the wound bobbin will depend on manual instructions and bobbin type. Sewing machines have a big wheel that is placed on the right side known as the fly wheel. The wheel should be turned towards the users’ direction, this way the needle will hook up bottom thread and top thread. Pull the thread pacing the bobbin to the machine plate placed at the top. The machine plate allows the needle to move in or out.

Step 8.

With the help of a pin or tweezers, pull the bobbin thread that has formed a loop and pull it till the top. In a gentle manner pull the thread which you place on the back side.

Step 9.

Use a scrap fabric, check the tension and stitches. Threads should be held at the back to prevent the bottom thread from tangling with the top thread. The foot should be lowered in order to hold the fabric and connect with feeder mechanism. Following the above step will guarantee you a sewing machine that is perfectly threaded.

Take Away.

Threading is easy when the following tips are applied:

  • Using sharp scissors trim the thread at the end.
  • For people using glasses consider using a stronger pair of glasses.
  • Consider moisturizing the tip of the thread to enable it slide through the needle.
  • Use light from study lamps. Using extra light while threading will make the process easy and less strenuous on your eyes.

You can opt to buy small gadgets used for needle threading.