How a Sewing Machine Works? Complete Guide

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best brother sewing machine for denimSewing machines have different parts that are moving together. People have tried to demonstrate inner mechanism of sewing machine through videos and picture illustrations. Sewing machines small moving parts that are placed in tiny spaces which makes it difficult to understand how the different parts of the sewing machine function.

Most accurate sewing machine drawings explaining how it functions tend to be complicated. Clarity comes in where all key components of sewing machines are observed and understood differently.

Sewing machines have electric motors placed on opposite side and bottom of the needle. Sewing machines use pulley arrangements to drive the hand wheel which you turn when stitching carefully and slowly.

Three key mechanism used in running a sewing machine. They include:

  • Needle Mechanism.

Of all the three mechanism needling is the simplest and the main part in a sewing machine. The same way hand sewing needle has its eyes, the sewing machine has a hole where the thread is passed through. The hole at the end where it gets in contact with the fabric. Needle in sewing machines have an upward and downward movement as it pushes the thread loop in layers of different fabrics. The needle then attaches itself to threads found in the bobbin. The bobbin is built at the bottom part of the machine.

  • Shuttle and Bobbin Mechanism.

The bobbin is located in a different part known as the shuttle. The work of the shuttle is to synchronize the movement of needle above and holds the bobbin. The shuttle rotates as the bobbin and needle interact. Bobbin mechanism involves using a hook which grabs top thread when pushed via the fabric by needle. This process forms a loop of the bottom and top threads which together creates a tight stitch.

  • Feed Dogs Mechanism.

The function of feed dog is to allow smooth passage of fabric in steady speed to ensure stiches made are equal in length. Feed dogs work by moving forward and upwards in a synchronized manner. The movement of feed dogs is interlinked and driven off main shaft.

For a craftsperson to have tight stitches, the fabric and the thread should be held in a secure manner. For the thread to be held in place an assembly known as tension disc is used. Thread passes through tension disc from the spool as it makes it way to where the needle is. The tension disc is versatile and can be altered to suit the fabric design, it is loosened when sewing thick layered fabrics or tightened when using thin fabrics.

Take away.

Sewing machines are among the old-fashioned, intricate mechanical technology. People interested in how sewing machines work are either into fashion design or repair broken sewing machines. Most people have seen sewing machines even the computerized sewing machines but few know how the machine actually operates. Understanding the three basic sewing machine mechanisms will help a new user to get an idea of what to expect. Expert quilters’ and crafts men can vividly explain different functions of each part and how to create that fancy lock stich.