Best Bernina Sewing Machine 2020

    Best Bernina Sewing Machine

    Best Bernina Sewing Machine

    Bernina is a Swiss based sewing machine brand. Bernina sewing machines are renowned for maintaining a mechanical design for their sewing machine, even when all the other sewing machines are getting more and more automation. The best thing about these mechanical machines is that you will never have to worry about uneven or loose stitches. 

    The reviews below feature quite a number of Bernina sewing machines. We’ve taken out time to select a number of the best Bernina sewing machines you will find on the market. The review is aimed at helping you select the Bernina machine that would serve you best. How much does a bernina sewing machine cost? Which one is the best basic bernina sewing machine? Is bernina the best sewing machine brand? What is the best bernina sewing machine for quilting? We get these and many more questions, and we’ll strive to provide answers below. 

    Before we get to the reviews, check out the comparison table below. It features the various machines featured in the review. The table should help you get a better perspective of how the various Bernina sewing machines compare against each other.

    Sewing Machine No of stitchesSewing Speed (SPM)
    Weight (Pounds)
    Bernette 38 Sewing Machine
    Bernette 38 Sewing Machine39482022
    Bernette 35 Sewing Machine
    Bernette 33 Sewing Machine
    Bernina Artista 630E Sewing Machine

    Bernina 550 E Sewing Machine
    Bernina 530 Sewing Machine

    1. Bernette 38 Sewing Machine 

    The Bernette 38 sewing machine is one of the most notable machines from the Bernina brand. The machine is a great representation of how great the Bernina brand is. The Bernette 38 sewing machine is one of the best machines in the Bernette series of sewing machines. The machine comes with convenience, power, variety, and reliability. It is arguably the best bernina sewing machine for free motion quilting. Take a look at some of its features below. 

    Bernette 38 Sewing Machine


    • The machine has 394 stitch patterns 
    • It has 8 one-step buttonholes 
    • It has three lettering fonts 
    • The machine comes with 8 presser feet 
    • It comes with an easy to use speed regulator 
    • It comes with a speed regulator 
    • The machine has a speed of 820 stitches per minute 
    • It is equipped with an extension table 


    • The machine has an incredible variety of stitch patterns 
    • The machine is powerful and can handle various types of fabric 
    • It comes with a large variety of sewing accessories 
    • The machine delivers an impressive top speed 
    • It has free-arm sewing which makes it easy to create seams and cuffs 
    • The machine has ample working space 


    • The machine tends to skip stitches 
    • The machine makes a lot of clunking noise 

    The Bernette 38 is certainly a great machine. A closer look at the various features of this machine will tell you that it is up to the task. It true that it has quite a few misgivings, but they do not take away much from the machine. It remains to be one of the top sewing machines on the market today. It is certainly one of the best bernina mechanical sewing machine. 

    2. Bernette 35 Sewing Machine 

    The Bernette 35 is yet another incredible machine from the Bernette series. This series features some of the most functional and convenient machines from Bernina. The Bernette 35 is a more affordable model. It has less variety, but the strength and convenience are the same as the other models in the series. You would certainly love to work with this machine. Below are some of its features. 


    • The machine comes with 23 built-in stitches 
    • It is a fully mechanical machine with not automated controls 
    • It has adjustable stitch size 
    • It comes with one single-step buttonhole 
    • The machine comes with 7 presser feet 
    • It has a top speed of 860 stitches per minute 
    • The machine features free-arm sewing 


    • The machine is strong, durable, and reliable 
    • It has an impressive top speed 
    • The machine is a perfect option for creating seams and cuffs 
    • Its adjustability makes it a convenient machine 
    • It comes with an impressive variety of sewing accessories 
    • It is a multi-function machine 


    • The machine does not have any automation. You might struggle with some manual tasks such as threading. 
    • Stitch and tension adjustment systems are not very seamless 

    There is a lot to write home about the Bernette 35 sewing machine. It is a machine that represents the Bernina brand in one of the best ways possible. The machine comes with features that have remained an envy for many tailors using other machines. The machine will deliver a high quality finish, thanks to its precise and even stitches. It is without a doubt sewing machine that any avid tailor would love to put their hands on. 

     3. Bernette 33 Sewing Machine 

    We have yet another incredible sewing machine from the Bernette series. The Bernette 33 is quite similar to its counterparts above, only that it has a slightly less variety of sewing patterns. The machine still delivers the power and convenience synonymous with Bernette sewing machine. It is one of the machines that has put the Bernina brand where it is today. The lists of features, pros and cons below will give you a better perspective of what you should expect from this machine. 


    • The machine has 14 stitch patterns 
    • It features a 5mm hook system 
    • It comes with a front-loading buttonhole 
    • The machine boasts of a top speed of 860 stitches per minute 
    • The machine comes with 5 different presser feet 
    • It is a fully mechanical machine 
    • It is fitted with a semi-automatic needle threader 


    • The machine is very strong and reliable 
    • It is a powerful and fast machine 
    • The machine has simple to use knobs for easy adjustment 
    • It comes with ample sewing space thanks to its extension table 
    • The machine comes with a great variety of stitches 
    • The machine delivers high quality and precise stitches 


    • The machine is not very ideal for a beginner 
    • The machine does not have any automation 

    The Bernette 33 Sewing Machine may not be the best Bernina sewing machine, but it is worth some level of recognition. This machine is loved because it is affordable, and the high quality of stitches that it delivers. If you have been seeking for that old high-quality finish delivered by mechanical sewing machines, the Bernette could be your solution. 

    4. Bernina Artista 630E Sewing Machine 

    The Bernina Artista 630E Sewing Machine is a top machine not only in the Bernina circles, but also in the industry. The machine is revered because it packs everything in one package. It is going to be a while before you come across another sewing machine that features sewing, quilting, and embroidery functions in one package, and all the functions are seamless. Check out these features to get a better perspective of how impressive this machine is. 


    • The machine comes with first-class quilting function 
    • It has 5mm wide decorative stitches 
    • It comes with a stitch regulator 
    • It has convenient knobs for switching between the various functions 
    • It comes with 70 pre-installed embroidery designs 
    • It comes with an automatic buttonhole 
    • It has 213 decorative stitches 
    • The quilting stitches are 23 in total 
    • The total number of stitch patterns in 674 
    • It has 5 lettering fonts 
    • The machine has a top speed of 680 stitches per minute 


    • The machine is all-round and versatile 
    • The machine is durable and reliable 
    • It delivers a great variety of sewing stitches and designs 
    • The machine s fast and powerful 
    • It delivers even and straight stitches 
    • The machine has a color screen for easy navigation 


    • Beginners will not be able to operate this machine 
    • It is an expensive machine 

    The Bernina Artista 630E Sewing Machine is a machine that does not require much validation. It has already made a name for itself. The features above clearly show a sewing machine that is not just your ordinary sewing machine. The machine has everything you go seeking in a professional-grade sewing machine. The machine features in most bernina quilting machine reviews.  It is also arguably the best bernina sewing and embroidery machine. 

    5. Bernina 550 E Sewing Machine 

    The Bernina 550 E sewing machine is yet another top of the range embroidery machine. It is a multi-function machine that is designed to ensure you have a seamless experience while sewing, quilting, or embroidering. The machine is built to deliver power, convenience, and versatility.

    It is never easy to come across a machine that delivers everything in one package. This machine is certainly one of the real deals. You’d certainly love having one. It is one of the best bernina sewing machine for beginners. Take a look at some of the features it comes with.


    • The machine has 676 inbuilt stitch patterns 
    • I60 of the stitches are embroidery functions 
    • The machine has 70 built-in embroidery patterns 
    • The machine has a maximum stitch width of 9mm 
    • It is fitted with a color touchscreen 
    • It is offered with a carrying bag 
    • The machine comes with an extension table 
    • It has an inbuilt memory 


    • The machine has an incredible stitch variety 
    • The machine allows you to easily import embroidery designs 
    • It is conveniently adjustable hence versatile 
    • The machine is strong, durable, and reliable 
    • It is delivered with a full assortment of sewing accessories 
    • It is a highly functional and all-round sewing machine 


    • The machine is quite expensive
    • Many tailors have complained that it makes annoying noise

    The Bernina 550 E Sewing Machine is clearly a top machine. The features we’ve outlined above are just the tip of the iceberg. This machine has a lot in store for any kind of tailor. Whether you are seeking a machine for home use, or a machine that will deliver in professional or industrial circumstances, this machine is certainly the real deal. It is one of the best bernina sewing machine for garment sewing. 

    6. Bernina 530 Sewing Machine 

    Lastly, we look at the Bernina 530 sewing machine. Just because it appears last in this review, it does not imply that it is any less of sewing than the ones above. This machine is everything you need on a home-based or professional sewing machine.

    It is a versatile sewing and quilting machine that will ensure you are properly set for everything you need. This machine is certainly one of the best that we have on this review. We’ve listed some of its features below in a bid to drive this point home. 


    • The machine features optimal stitch control 
    • The machine has a total of 148 stitch patterns 
    • 117 of the stitches are decorative stitches 
    • 12 are quilting stitches 
    • The machine has 9 buttonholes styles 
    • It has 4 lettering fonts
    • The machine comes with an automated one-step buttonhole 
    • It is fitted with a stitch regulator 
    • It features 11 needle positions 


    • It boasts of a wide range of stitches 
    • It delivers a good variety of stitch patterns 
    • The machine is strong and durable 
    • The machine is fast and powerful 
    • It makes it easy to control stitches and hence ideal for beginners 


    • The machine makes some annoying clunking noise while in operation 
    • It is an expensive sewing machine 

    The Bernina 530 Sewing Machine is a top sewing machine with an incredible performance. The machine does not leave anything to chance, and it ensures everything you need to complete a clothing design is at your disposal. The machine has a lot of incredible features. The features outlined above are just but a tip of the iceberg. It is arguably the best bernina sewing machine for dressmaking. 


    The reviews above are designed to ensure that you arrive at the Bernina sewing machine that would be able to serve you best. We have taken time and effort to explore the various sewing machines above in a bid to find one that would serve in the best way possible. We are certain that these sewing machines would be suitable for you in one way or the other. Take your time to explore the bernina sewing machines reviews and find one that will live up to your expectations.