Ronald, the CEO, and Editor-in-Chief

Ronald, the CEO, and Editor-in-Chief is the driving force behind everything that this platform is. He is a technology expert with many years of experience. He quite passionate about technology too. He goes out of his way to ensure you get the best technology advice possible. Ronald has seen it all when it comes to sewing technology. He says his grandmother and his mother were both sewing enthusiasts and he saw them use many types of sewing machines. He has seen all both ancient and modern sewing machine. His passion for sewing machines was derived from watching his mother and grandmother make impressive designs from their machines.

Being an enthusiast of technology too, Ronald is quite fascinated by how technology has been incorporated into sewing machines. He loves to explore any new technology in the sewing machines space. Ronald is part and person of the process of testing and scrutinizing the machines. He takes time to explore the machines and their features. He loves to share the knowledge. He treasures this platform. It allows him to interact with many sewing enthusiasts like him. He believes in the platform is a great resource for anyone looking to make clothing designs that can stand out. He is indeed a very jovial person.

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