Ronald, the CEO, and Editor-in-Chief

Ronald, the CEO, and Editor-in-Chief is the driving force behind everything that this platform is. He is a technology expert with many years of experience. He quite passionate about technology too. He goes out of his way to ensure you get the best technology advice possible. Ronald has seen it all when it comes to sewing technology. He says his grandmother and his mother were both sewing enthusiasts and he saw them use many types of sewing machines. He has seen all both ancient and modern sewing machine. His passion for sewing machines was derived from watching his mother and grandmother make impressive designs from their machines.

Being an enthusiast of technology too, Ronald is quite fascinated by how technology has been incorporated into sewing machines. He loves to explore any new technology in the sewing machines space. Ronald is part and person of the process of testing and scrutinizing the machines. He takes time to explore the machines and their features. He loves to share the knowledge. He treasures this platform. It allows him to interact with many sewing enthusiasts like him. He believes in the platform is a great resource for anyone looking to make clothing designs that can stand out. He is indeed a very jovial person.

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Best Bernina Sewing Machine 2020

Bernina is a Swiss based sewing machine brand. Bernina sewing machines are renowned for maintaining a mechanical design for their sewing machine, even when all the other sewing machines are getting more and more...
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Best Embroidery Machines for Home Business 2020

Embroidery is a critical part of sewing. Without embroidery, sewing would be somehow boring. Clothing designs would be bland and plain. Embroidery adds life to clothing designs. You can add figures, letter, and numbers...
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Best Embroidery Threads 2020

Embroidery is a very interesting craft. It turns boring pieces of cloth into exciting colorful and bright clothing designs. For you to be able to do great embroidery works, you need to have the...
Best Heat Press Machine 2020

Best Heat Press Machine 2020

Heat Pressers are the latest technology of printing art and crafts on garments, mugs, and many other items. The process involves pressing down heated impressions on an object and allowing the impressions to cool...
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Best Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-Shirts 2020

Heat Transfer Vinyl sheets are pieces of paper sheets that are used to transfer art onto a garment by sticking it on the surface of the garment and applying heat. There are many types...
Best Iron for Sewing and Quilting 2020

Best Iron for Sewing and Quilting 2020

While sewing or quilting, you need to ensure the fabric is properly aligned. The fabric needs to be well Ironed and straightened in order for it to be easy to align. As such, any...
Best Juki Sewing Machine Reviews

Best Juki Sewing Machine Reviews 2020

Juki is one of the most popular sewing machine brands on the market today. Juki is a Japanese brand but it has managed to penetrate across the world. It is a brand that is...
Best Sewing Machine Oil

Best Sewing Machine Oil 2020

Sewing Machines, just like any other machine with moving parts, need to be lubricated. Sewing machine oil is used to lubricate the various parts of a sewing machine. Sewing machine oils come in all...
Best Sewing Machines for Kids

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Sewing machines come in all shapes and sizes. There are special sewing machines for special applications. Among such machines are sewing machines for kids. Sewing machines are those that are deemed to be safe...
Best Sewing Scissors

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Almost everyone knows what a pair of scissors is, and what it looks like. Not all scissors are the same though. Scissors come in different shapes and sizes, and they are made for different...